MATH 2350: Calculus III

INSTRUCTOR:Mervyn P. B. Ekanayake
SECTIONS:002 & 004
SEMESTER:Spring 2011

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  • Class Notes:

  • Guidelines for the Finals
    • Common departmental final. Comprehensive exam (see review)

    • Friday, May 6th - 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

    • Room: English/Philosophy building - Room 160

    • No calculators or formula sheets allowed for the final.

    • Department Policies (Excerpt from a memorandum from Dr. Robert Byerly, Associate Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, on Thursday, April 07, 2011)
      • It is a university policy and departmental policy that: Final examinations are to be given only at the assigned time as officially noted in the Texas Tech University Schedule. Final examinations are not to be scheduled prior to the officially assigned time.
      • Courses having departmental finals are: 0301, 0302, 1300, 1320, 1321, 1330, 1331, 1351, 1352, 1420, 1430, 1550, 2300 and 2350. The departmental finals will be administered on Friday, May 6, from 10:30am - 1:00pm. On Friday, May 6,
      • Picture I. D.'s may be required at the departmental final. A Texas Tech University Student I. D. card is preferred; a Driver's License containing a photograph will suffice.
      • The course coordinator is responsible for putting together the departmental examination in consultation with the other instructors and for establishing the guidelines under which it is to be administered. You are expected to use the departmental final and follow the guidelines established for it.
      • If there is a scheduling conflict on departmental exams, the student takes the exam for the lower numbered course at the scheduled time and takes the exam for the other course at a time arranged between the student and his/her instructor of the other course. (Note: This is a change from last semester's policy and is a reversion to our previous policy.) For example, a student enrolled in both Math 1352 and Math 2300 would take the Math 1352 final at the scheduled time, and arrange another time for the Math 2300 final with the instructor.
      • The grade of I (incomplete) is given only when a student's work is satisfactory in quality, but due to reasons beyond his or her control has not been completed. To give an I, incomplete forms MUST be completed which detail how the grade of I can be removed. These forms are available through the faculty tab on Raiderlink.