CBCIS Lab Director
Dr. Bijoy K. Ghosh

Office: MA 117H
Office Hours:Not Submitted
E-mail: bijoy.ghosh@ttu.edu
Dr. Ghosh is the founder and director of the CBCIS Lab.
Research interests: sensor fusion, biological control systems, and computational neuroscience.
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Current CBCIS Graduate Researchers
Rangana N. Jayawardhana

Office: MA 006 (CBCIS)
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: rangana.jayawardhana@ttu.edu
Rangana got his Ph.D. in 2017 December in applied mathematics and currently works as a research assistant
Research interests: Iterative Learning Control, Multi Agent Systems, Mathematical Modeling
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Neranjaka Jayarathne

Office: MA 006
Office Hours:By appointment
E-mail: neranjaka.jayarathne@ttu.edu
Neranjaka is a PhD student in applied mathematics.
Research interests: Optimal Control, Neurone Dynamics
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Pansujee Dissanayaka

Office:Not Submitted
Office Hours:Not submitted
E-mail: pansujee.dissanayaka@ttu.edu
Pansujee is a PhD student in Statistics.
Research interests: Statistics, Human head-eye movement.
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Casey Brito

Office:Not Submitted
Office Hours:Not submitted
E-mail: casey.brito@ttu.edu
Casey is a MS student in the Mathematics Department.
Research interests: Optimal Control.
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