CBCIS Lab Director
Dr. Bijoy K. Ghosh

Office: MA 117H
Office Hours:Not Submitted
E-mail: bijoy.ghosh@ttu.edu
Dr. Ghosh is the founder and director of the CBCIS Lab.
Research interests: sensor fusion, biological control systems, and computational neuroscience.
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Current CBCIS Graduate Researchers
Ronald C. Anderson

Office: MA 006 (CBCIS)
Office Hours: By appointment
E-mail: ronald.c.anderson@ttu.edu
Ron is an MS student in Mathematics and a PhD student in Electrical Engineering.
Research interests: computational neuroscience, control systems.
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Jennifer Emerson

Office: MA 003-F
Office Hours:By appointment
E-mail: jennifer.emerson@ttu.edu
Jennifer is a PhD student in applied mathematics.
Research interests: Proteomics and Biological Control
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Maha A. P. Neshadha Perera

Office:Not Submitted
Office Hours:Not submitted
E-mail: neshadha.perera@ttu.edu
Neshadha is a MS/PhD student in the Mathematics Department.
Research interests: bio-informatics, proteomics, biological modeling.
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