Thank you for your interest in our lab! We would love to hear from you. Please read the heading below that best describes your situation and follow the directions.

Are you affiliated with another lab or institution and would like to propose a collaborative work? If so, please email Dr. Bijoy K. Ghosh with your ideas. The CBCIS fosters a multi-disciplinary approach to research and welcomes the opportunity to further its mission through joint venture.

Prospective Student
If you are a prospective or current student at Texas Tech University and are interested in learning more about our lab and what it has to offer you on your road to success, please feel free to email any lab member. We will be happy to answer your questions!

Questions/Comments on a Research Project
Questions about a research project you saw on this site? Send an email to the researcher mentioned in that project! While some information is confidential, they will do what they can to answer your questions.

Comments/Suggestions About Our Web Site
If you have comments about our website or wish to report a problem, please email Ronald C. Anderson with that information. If reporting a rendering problem, please provide 1. Web browser name and version, 2. Operating system, and 3. a description of the problem.

Other Inquiries
For all other inquiries, just email Dr. Bijoy K. Ghosh directly. He will be happy to assist you or forward your message to the appropriate audience.